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Senior Technology

Graphic and
Pitch Designer

About me. I'm excited to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to the table as I work with tech companies and agencies to create standout Pitch projects.


Hi, I am Jess, a senior digital designer with 13 years of experience in the industry. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts Multimedia and have an MBA in Business and Leadership. Along the way, I have gained 6 years of experience as an Art Director, leading and managing creative teams. Additionally, I run a small design studio catering to Brazilian clients.

Currently, I am working at the steamed production technology company Unit9, collaborating with major clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Meta, and Google. My recent focus has been Google Slides Pitch as an Expert. Apart from the usual Adobe CC I also specialize as a illustrator, storyboard and concept artist. Moreover, I am continuously expanding my skill set, exploring new tools such as Figma, Adobe Substance 3D textures, and Meta Spark filters creations. My design approach revolves around technology projects, branding visual campaigns with a keen eye on art direction.

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