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Illustration prepared for the XXIII Guerra de ilustrações (Illustration War) , "Tropicalismo" was the theme of the especific battle. Tropicalismo, also known as Tropicália, is a Brazilian artistic movement that arose in the late 1960s. It encompassed art forms such as theatre, poetry, and music. The movement was characterized by a combination of the popular and the avant-garde, as well as a fusion of traditional Brazilian culture with foreign influences.

Tropicalismo has been created by the influence of rock musicians such as David Byrne, Beck, The Bird and the Bee, Kurt Cobain, Arto Lindsay, Devendra Banhart, El Guincho, Of Montreal and Nelly Furtado. In 1998, Beck released Mutations, the title of which is a tribute to Os Mutantes. Its hit single, "Tropicalia", reached number 21 on the Billboard Modern Rock singles chart. Visualy Tropicalismo is also known by the coloful and full of elements patterns, most of them using brazilian typical flowers and fruits.

Meanwhile brazilian government system was a dictatorship and the artists used art to speak to the people against it, most of them ended up exiled.

See on Behance:

Brazilian artist Jessica Pezenti Studio Marta - Canada st, #325, Pq. das Nações, Americana - São Paulo - Brazil. Contact: +55 019 99178-2512

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